We’ve started our first waste collections contract, worth £8 million annually, serving the community of Bridgend in Wales. Our work officially began on 1 April but there’s been lots of activity to prepare for this milestone drawing on the waste management experience of our senior team. 

Bridgend Induction day for new joiners.

We’ve welcomed more than 100 people from Kier, the previous service provider, to Plan B. In March, we held two inductions days. As well as sharing our values with the new joiners, the sessions covered health and safety, fleet induction, vehicle familiarisation, and there was a practical manual handling session too. Trainer Dennis Eagle and Terberg Special Vehicles joined us to provide technical advice on binlifts and the lowdown on our recycling vehicles. 

Serving some 140,000 residents in Bridgend, we’re collecting cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, cans, aerosols, foil and food waste each week. These collections are split across four dry bins plus the food waste caddy. Household waste that can’t be recycled is collected fortnightly. There’s a limit of two blue bags for most households. 

Bridgend Induction day for new joiners.

“Plan B is looking forward to supporting the residents and businesses of Bridgend. It’s within our culture to support local communities where we operate so we’re working on some new initiatives to benefit local residents,” says Plan B managing director Maz Akhtar. Watch this space for more!

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