Plan B Management Solutions Ltd provides management and technical support services to various organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

We have built a strong reputation with clients in both the Public and the Private Sectors and have carried out a wide range of assignments to add value to these organisations.

We work on behalf of a range of public and private sector clients, a selection of which are listed below.

Client Feedback

Cheshire West Recycling

“Overall Plan B have formed an essential part of the project team, going above and beyond whilst offering value for money against competitors. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

“Plan B were by far the best technically advisors I have ever worked with, they could not have done more and had the skills and knowledge beyond my initial expectations. I could not recommend more and Maz has been outstanding throughout.”

“Completely satisfied with the team at Plan B, particularly through the unprecedented times of Covid-19. Their technical and expert knowledge of the markets provides confidence to the Authority.”

“The service delivered has been efficient, responsive, well communicated, pragmatic and invaluable in assisting CWR to move forward.”

Bristol Waste Company

“It’s unusual and very refreshing to work with a consultant that knows the detail of the business in great depth and also has the skill set to produce very complex, but readable and understandable reports.”

“Working with Plan B was a breath of fresh air, the approach to problem solving and planning of the works was great. The approach to the work, presentation and professionalism was exceptional.”

“It was great to work with a company that had real experience of the work, and the intelligence and leadership to point out the key issues, with solutions put in place.”

Greener Ealing Limited

“Maz and his team provided us with support across a wide range of issues from establishing our P&L, contract review, health and safety RA’s and SSOW’s and general support. Their approach is totally customer focussed and very responsive to your needs. Steve Batchelor and Emma Thripp have both been first class throughout.”

London Borough of Hounslow

“Plan B understand the public sector environment and the challenges we face and can offer support using their expertise and knowledge of the trading industry.”

“Plan B are an essential part of the Authorities waste management team and has become a vital part of the operational service delivery of our Materials Handling Facility. Every member of the team demonstrates expertise and they are quick to respond to technical questions that I have which provides me with assurance.”

“Plan B are fully transparent with the commercial management of product sales offering a comprehensive monthly management report and open book account.”

“Plan B have become an integral part of the operational service.”

“Plan B’s management team continue to deliver a high-quality expert and knowledgeable service for the Council.”

TW Services Limited

“Plan B’s knowledge and experience of local authority procurement processes was invaluable.”

“Plan B quickly understood the financial requirements of the Council and provided us with a bespoke financial model which linked to the Council’s detailed pricing schedule. Their experience helped ensure our bid was fully compliant with the Council’s requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending Plan B for similar projects.”

Canterbury City Council

“Plan B’s professionalism and expertise comes across. They have not allowed things to drift, keeping things moving along and robustly focussed on the project and timetable. CCC’s team has valued the expertise that Plan B brings.”

“Plan B has been on top of the project plan, clear on what is expected and the timetable.”

“There is a real quality in everything Plan B have done — and you can sense the care and pride they take in their work.”

“Plan B provide lots of added value; they don’t just go through the motions but own it, and care about what they do, and want to do a good job.”

“Everyone who has been involved from Plan B is very knowledgeable. Response times are good. Plan B provide great value for money.”

“There is undoubtably a huge amount of experience throughout the team, Plan B provided a safe pair of hands and we are able to trust their advice.”

“Everyone at Plan B we have dealt with is approachable and good to deal with and felt like an extension of the Council’s team. Plan B’s experience and practical advice has been invaluable.”

“Plan B has good people that work well together, and provide sound, practical advice based upon their many years of experience. They are flexible and easy to deal with. They provide a safe pair of hands.”

“Plan B would be top of my list to support future projects – they have exceeded all expectations.”

“Excellent, from Maz down. Everyone that has been involved in the project has been first class — even those ‘unseen’ members of the team. Very happy with the work done. The team is very knowledgeable, has vast experience, and complement each other, supporting CCC to get the job done.”

“I would happily work with Plan B again and I would not hesitate in recommending Plan B to others. They offer great value for money and really add value through their experience, expertise and contacts.”

“Plan B care about the quality of the outcome they provide their clients. They challenge in a constructive way. They offer more than just getting the job done, with a great deal of care and attention to detail in everything they do.”

“Plan B has some great people that are not just really good at what they do but they care passionately. I would happily recommend Plan B or provide a reference.”

“Dan has been easy to work with. He is very responsive to calls, knowledgeable and non-confrontational.”

“Dan has helped deliver savings through his understanding of the market and challenging suppliers the prices quoted.”

“I’d like to thank Dan for being really supportive, and he continues to be. He will be invaluable as we move away from the procurement stage and onto the logistical part of the project.”

“The financial model is exactly what we were expecting and more! It’s built from a logical perspective and delivered on more than one level.”

“Good understanding of what drives costs and the information we need to produce budgets, cashflows etc. and good communication from Steve. Detailed Briefing Paper supporting the model assumptions helpful.”

“Plan B understand the business, understand what drives the service costs and the financial impacts, and the outputs we need. Flexibility — within the model and with Steve to adapt things as they develop. Worked in a collaborative way.”


“Plan B are proactive in their approach rather than reactive. For example, they will look at market trends and try to minimise any negative impact first.”

“Extremely knowledgeable team with excellent communication and understanding of our requirements as a client.”

“We have worked closely with members of the Plan B team for a number of years. They are all very understanding of our business and our needs. Regular reports received to enable SWISCo to budget material values going forward.”