Materials Marketing

Materials Marketing Contract


In March 2022, the incumbent contractor for all waste services to Essex proposed a five-year extension with an increase on the current contract price.

In March 2013, Essex awarded a contract for all waste services to Veolia. It was recommended that the model of directly running HWRCs and transfer stations – and letting separate contracts for haulage, plant and materials services – would provide Essex with control and flexibility.


Plan B have managed the materials marketing contract for the County since 1st April 2022, consisting of 21 RCHW sites, and 13 district sites (WEEE and Tyres only).

We manage approx. 70,000 tonnes of material across 30 types ranging from textiles to tyres, hardcore to chemicals. For the contract we employee 3 full time dedicated team members; two supervisors who manage offtakers performance and audit sites to support material quality based broadly on an East – West geographical split and one administrator who collates all data culminating in a monthly report, including compliance and due diligence data. The supervisors are based in a Plan B office close to ECC logistics team, and administration is carried out at Plan B central administration office in Great Yarmouth.

The local delivery team report into our existing materials team. Sales negotiations and supply agreements will all be negotiated.


Key achievements to date include:

  • A projected improvement of £1m in Year 1 on tendered prices.
  • New and robust processes put in place to contract with re-use staff that have captured 1,034 tonnes of material (non-WEEE) for re-use.
  • Exceeded target to deliver 12,000 items Year 1 to local food banks in Essex as part of our social value commitment. This year Apr-Oct we are at 7,169 items.
  • Supplying over 90% of the material to facilities within the County to provide social value and economic benefit to the local population.

“Plan B have proved themselves to be nimble, adaptable, and great problem solvers. The team are down to earth and easy to work with.”

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